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Some years ago I started to write my life story. Mostly as a record for my children and my grandchildren. As I was writing it though, I realised it was pretty boring and no one, not even close relatives, would get past about page three. So I started to add more details about some of the unusual and amusing episodes that happened to me and my family.

Then I started writing just the stories, just snippets about the more interesting happenings throughout my rather unconventional life. I sent a couple of my youngest daughter to see what she thought. She suggested that I write them as a blog and then later could join them to put them into some sort of book form.

The stories are not in any chronological order or order of importance. I’m writing them as I remember or when something reminds me of certain time & place. Some are funny, some are sad and some are outright mad.

I hope they inspire someone to live life to the fullest and enjoy whatever happens – good or bad; simple or outstanding. We only have a certain amount of years to live, so why not enjoy life and sometimes take a risk.

These stories are of my childhood years, travels, my working life, marriage, my four daughters and my post working life in retirement.

I hope to finish them before I’m no longer able to continue – if my physical and mental capacities go or I leave this world. But whatever happens, I feel that I have done much in life that I would not have imagined when I was a small child. On the other hand there were many things in my bucket list that somehow dropped out of the rusty holes in the bucket, but I don’t regret that as what I have done and accomplished has made up for all I missed.

If you find these stories interesting and enjoy them, contact me & let me know. I’d love some feedback.