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Royal Easter Show – 70 years on

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This week I went to the Royal Easter Show with my daughter Lulu. We always get on well at the show as we generally like the same things.

As I wandered around the show surrounded by the young and old all enjoying the sights, I reflected on my years going to the Show.

I remembered my early years at the show – in those days it was at Moore Park in the Eastern Suburbs. It was in my pre teen days and I always went by my maternal grandmother. Gran and I would get up early, have breakfast and then off. She lived in Bondi Junction, is it was a short bus ride to the Show.

We often got there extra early, lining up to be one of the first in the gates. We enjoyed all the usual sights, the exhibits marveling at the huge displays of country fruit and vegetables. We enjoyed the prize winning crafts – the most amazing handmade embroidery and hand knitted sweaters and clothes. And then there were the prize cats and all the other animals.

Lunch was at the Country Women’s Association tent – a cup of tea and home made scones with jam and cream. I remember telling one of the ladies how much better their tea was. She replied that “it was the friendship that went into the pot” that made it so good. I have always remembered that and still love a cuppa at the CWA tent. We used to finish the day watching the ring events in the evening. I have to say these days the fresh oysters and a sample of a prize winning Sauvignon Blanc are more my style.

This year Lulu and I watched the dogs herding all the sheep into their stalls. We enjoyed looking at all the beautiful Alpacas. I am hoping the Alpaca wool I bought gets made into the beanie. Maybe wishful thinking. but I still enjoy sitting down and watching the Women’s Weekly cooking demonstrations. Maybe, once again wishful thinking. But, the chicken and broccoli bake did look good!

I miss the cupid dolls on the stick in their pretty dresses and wonder what little girls go home with to remind them of their day at the show. It’s probably been 70 years since I started going to the Show. I have missed many years in between but it I still enjoy it and the memories that it brings.