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Fishing with my Dad

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When I was around 9 years old, my family packed up and went off for a couple of weeks to Bateman’s Bay on the south coast of New South Wales for our summer holidays. We’d rented an old cottage across from the bay. We being my mother,

Whats Happening in the Media

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I’ve spent my life surrounded by journalists. My mother was a journalist in the 1930s – on papers very few people remember or know about – Smith’s Weekly and the Labor Daily. She used to tell me great stories about her experiences. Later I married a journalist, Paul Dougherty who spent his working life in newspapers.

A Letter From the Queen

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Children growing up today hardly know what a stamp is. Even the middle aged very rarely go into the local post office and buy some stamps to mail letters.


Growing up the western suburbs of Sydney, I knew there was a huge world out there but it seemed to be unobtainable.

My Friend Robyn


Recently, I lost my friend, Robyn. She died in Bali after a suffering a very bad stroke. Although she had had a rather bad time recently with a few problems, they seemed under control, and I was looking forward to seeing her on my next trip.

Three Little Models

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Suzi, Sarah & Bridget

My three daughters, like many little girls wanted to be models. When we were living in Hong Kong, they got their chance to star. They were invited to do a photo shoot for Lane Crawford, the leading department store.

The girls,

Royal Easter Show – 70 years on

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This week I went to the Royal Easter Show with my daughter Lulu. We always get on well at the show as we generally like the same things.

As I wandered around the show surrounded by the young and old all enjoying the sights, I reflected on my years going to the Show.


Sisters.  Many of us have one or more sisters.  Some have sisters and brothers.  Our relationship with our siblings go from very good to very bad and all the points in between.


I have one sister, Jane.  No brothers.  Jane is nearly eight years younger than me. 

Sarah’s Dog Fifi

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Maybe some of you have seen my daughter Sarah’s beautiful dog Fifi. I must tell you the background about Sarah’s dog.

When we were in living in Hong Kong, Sarah was about ten years old. A friend of mine was leaving her job as an assistant at the Canadian Embassy.